The photographer is a hunter of himself, the exterior and real form of his feelings.
It is for this very reason that he could never be an impostor.

Michele Alassio

An internationally famous photographer, Michele Alassio is an artist that seeks to make emotions and sensations more intimate and mysterious. Through dreamlike visions, plays on light and perspective, we discover his universe, delving deeply into his thoughts. This work on Cinque Terre reveals fragments of reality caught by his gaze, watchful and involved, careful to avoid picturesque. For the author it is vital to understand that photography, as an art of representing the two-dimensional, follows the perceptive rules of painting, but with a heavy influence from the concept of time. In Cinque Terre the author depicts the landscapes, lights and depth of colours as hard details of nature, revealing them in his photographs. The images of these landscapes tell of enchanted places that know how to create a silent space inside us, that interrupts time in a spell of glances and thoughts, opening them up to elsewhere, to a dimension that is mysterious but more real than reality itself.

Denis Curti - Milan, April 2017

The portfolio is edited and commercialised directly by the Galleria Imago of Monterosso al Mare in a limited and numbered edition of 30 copies. It contains five photographs signed and numbered by Michele Alassio of the selected subjects by the owner of the Gallery, Mr. Marco Pasini.
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The edition of five copies in a big format (max. 120 cm width) are commercialized directly by Michele Alassio.
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Michele Alassio, Marzo 2014