• “The House of Spiritual Retreat” M.o.M.A. – Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2005

    The “Casa de Retiro Espiritual”, belonging to Argentine architect and designer Emilio Ambasz, is located at the heart of an immense estate in the middle of Andalusia.

    In accepting the task to seek to give a sense to this unusual construction or, rather, to reveal all the emotiveness it is able to stimulate solely with its hierarchical presence, through a video-photographic work, I have had in the first place to effect a ‘philological’ selection. In other words, I had to decide whether to be ‘faithful’ (to the extent photography can be) to the intentions underlying the work, or whether instead to give a purely instinctive response to the feelings the “Casa de Retiro Espiritual” transmitted to me. From this selection, as a result, depended the technical specifications of the work.....(Read more)

    Michele Alassio, September 2005


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