Probably, this was the most difficult professional commitment of the recent years. Like in the “Casa de Retiro Espiritual”, the goal of the production was to make a publishing milestone the love and the passion of the owner of the Palace, who spent two decades to rebuild, restore and re-fit the palace with all the original furniture and the masterpieces of art dispersed during the family decadence. After two years of work, the final result is a two-book opera where everything, from the cover of the cabinet to the decoration and details, page by page, is something that originally belonged to the Palace. So, I can say that the final product is not a book about palace, but that the book is the palace itself. I took all the photographs in daylight or candlelight, in order to respect the real light of the sixteenth century, and in the painting re-production I used a combination of raking and widespread light, thus achieving an incredible shine. The book was published in only a hundred numbered copies, one for myself and 99 for the mysterious owner's private use, and everything about the production reflects my personal choice. In this section you can see two different sequences of pictures, “Pages” reproduces the real page layout of the book; “Photographs” the interior view by candlelight.

  • A Venetian Palace

    Slip case coated, emblem in relief of the Family on the front, two book 12 x 12 " hardcover paper coated with gilded relief decorated, edition of 100 numbered copies.
    Book 1: interiors candlelight and still-life of artworks, 167 illustrations. Book 2: furniture, silverware, drawings and various artworks, 250 illustrations.