FOREVER has been shooting during the month of January 2012 at the Museum of Natural History of Venice, Italy, using a Hasseblad H4 50 MS in multishoot option and an Hasselblad 120 MACRO mm. lens. The maximum size of each one of the butterfly was 7 x 7 cm. (2,7 x 2,7 inch). To not to damage the butterflies, has been used a lighting system composed of 20 micro leds lamps. This allowed me to illuminate the subjects simultaneously from every angle, revealing every possible refraction of color. The only work of retouching of images was in order to remove dust and micro parasites deposited on the surface of the butterflyes over the years.


    The box is made by hand from the acient Legatoria Polliero of Venice, using a 360g/mq paper from the antique Magnani paper mill in Pescia, Tuscany. The paper is dated at the end of eighteent century. Edition of 5 Portfolio, Box size 60 x 60 cm (23,6 x 23,6 inch). Passpartout size 50 x 50 cm (19,6 x 19,6 inch), Photographs size 35 x 35 cm. (13,7 x 13, 7 inch).
    Each portfolio contains 7 prints.

    Single Prints

    Edition of 3, variable size, maximum size 200 x 200 cm (59 x 59 inch).